Seminar 2013 – Registration Open

Dear all

Hope everyone has had a good year and your endeavours in the past year have been successful!

The Internationalisation Seminar 2013 is upgrading to Internationalisation Webinar 2013! The main theme this year is Internationalisation at Home: inclusion and diversity, or a policy issue.

If you are new to webinars, the choice is a way to provide more opportunities to participate from the comfort of your desks and without the hassle of having to be physically there. The presentations will be delivered online and you will have the opportunity to interact using voice, video, or text options.

The discussion aims to  contribute to the on-going debate on internationalisation at home (IaH). It will revolve around how IaH  is interpreted by participants from the point of view of their interests, beliefs, experience or roles. To facilitate the discussion, I would like to propose as a starting point the following:

“the two pillars on which the concept of IaH rested from the beginning: an understanding of internationalisation that went beyond mobility and a strong emphasis on the teaching and learning in a culturally diverse setting.”
(Wächter, 2003:5)*

The discussion will be open to a wide range of areas and issues including research in the area of internationalisation at home, institutional policy, support and advice, teaching all students or international students more specifically, pedagogical issues, foreign languages, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), intercultural communication, information and communication technology (ICT), curriculum design, and any other issue related to this topic.

The Webinar will take place on Monday 23rd September 2013 from 10:00am UK time.  This event is free but registration is required and is now open. More information about the programme will be published nearer the time.

If you are interested in participating, or would like to present or lead the discussion on any issue related to the seminar theme, please email me by end of Thursday, August 15th 2013.

If you have any questions, also please do not hesitate to contact me.

With all my best wishes and hope to ‘see’ as many of you as possible in the webinar!


*Wächter, B. (2003) An Introduction: Internationalisation at Home in Context. Journal of Studies in International Education, Vol. 7 No. 1, Spring 2003 5-11

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