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June 2012

Andrew Starcher (Franklin College Switzerland) has shared a link  to the DBA in Higher Education Management 10th Anniversary Conference that might be of interest to colleagues. Thank you, Andrew!


July 2011

Kimberley Howard (Grant MacEwan University, Canada) has sent a link that might be of interest to colleagues. Thank you, Kimbelery!


November 2010


Al-Youssef, J. (2010) The Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions: Meanings, Policy and Practice. VDM.

The internationalisation of higher education institutions (HEIs) has been a major focus of attention in the UK. This is reflected at a top government level by the Prime Minister’s Initiatives PMI1 and PMI2. This attention to internationalisation is largely influenced by market discourse and global economic forces. In addition, the complex interaction indicated in the literature between internationalisation and globalisation is thought to result in a conflict between the economic and the educational rationales for universities. On a broader scale, this leads to confusion about what internationalisation means. This book elucidates the complex meanings of internationalisation and challenges previous methods of exploring those meanings through a qualitative study at a UK University as it is in the process of developing its international strategy. The research takes the concept of internationalisation away from the practices of the institution and into the accounts of the individuals who manage it. This book also sheds light on less explored issues around internationalisation, and should be especially useful to managers and researchers interested in the internationalisation of HEIs.

The book is available from Amazon and  Amazon UK 


September/October 2010


Maringe, F. and Foskett, N. (2010) Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education: Theoretical, Strategic and Management Perspectives. Continuum.

This new book by Dr Felix Maringe, Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton UK, and Professor Nick Foskett, Vice Chancellor of the University of Keele UK,and international contributions including those from members of the group was given excellent reviews:

“In addition to making clear theoretical distinctions between different forms of globalization and internationalization, this book provides important insights into the development of institutional strategies and their management. Above all it offers an intelligent and comprehensive account of higher education’s efforts to respond to the challenges of globalization.”
Peter Scott, Vice Chancellor of Kingston University, UK

“This timely and comprehensive set of essays should prove valuable to anyone considering the ethical challenges and cultural tensions created by a global market in students and staff, and the institutional responsibilities of higher education beyond state boundaries.
Sir David Watson, Professor of Higher Education Management, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

The book is now available on, and all major stores.

Congratulations to Felix and Nick, and all contributors.


February 2010


A new book by Lisa Childress has been released entitled “The Twenty-first Century University:  Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization.” This book presents strategies that can be used by faculty and administrators to increase faculty engagement in international teaching, research, and service. The book is available on Amazon at

Here is what leaders in the field have to say about the book:

“Academic leaders, policy makers, faculty and scholars will benefit from the insightful analysis and pragmatic approach to enhancing faculty engagement in the internationalization process. This important and welcomed book helps to fill a major gap in research and practice and demonstrates that faculty are the true ‘engine of internationalization’ when their involvement is supported and recognized.” –*Jane Knight, University of Toronto*

“Grounded in theory and full of practical advice, *The Twenty-first Century University: Faculty Engagement in Internationalization* represents an important addition to the literature on internationalization. It provides enormously useful guidance for chief academic officers, deans, and campus internationalization leaders as they work to engage the faculty in the important work of internationalization.” –* Madeleine F. Green, Vice President for International Initiatives, American Council on Education*

“This study on faculty engagement in internationalization provides insight into a crucial aspect of internationalization policies in higher education that has received too little attention before: how to stimulate faculty interest and involvement in internationalization strategies and activities in institutions of higher education. Her analysis, cases studies and recommendations will be of relevance for colleges and universities in strengthening their  internationalization objectives. ” –*Hans de Wit, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Editor, *Journal of Studies in International Education


JUNE 2009

*From Dr Trevor Grimshaw:

A welcome to the third in the ESRC seminar series:

Rethinking the Needs of International Students

which will be held at University of Birmingham on Weds 17th June.

Further information available in the zip file ‘3rd ESRC Seminar Birmingham Uni 17 June 09’ in the flash-widget box on this page.


MARCH 2009

Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference 2009

Theme: Internationalising the home student

Friday 19 June 2009

For more details please see the following link:



*News from the University of the Arts London:

Dr Silvia Sovic shares that the public report of the UAL’s International Student Experience Project is now out and available on:


*Announcing a Seminar Series funded by the ESRC:

From Dr Trevor Grimshaw:

Rethinking the Needs of International Students: Critical Perspectives on the Internationalisation of UK Higher Educattion Institutions

Full information available in the “ESRC Seminar Series – International Students – flyer” in the flash-widget box on this page.


*A call for applications for a summer 2009 fellowship in Exploring World Citizenship

From Andrew Starcher:

This would involve designing and teaching a 3-week module in Lugano and participating in a group that would focus on building innovative teaching and learning strategies around citizenship in its international context.

For more information and an application form, please see “Call for Fellows-Franklin 2009.doc” in the flash-widget box on this page.



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