Cheryl Rounsaville

Research Topic: Where to Study? International students’ perceptions of the comparative advantages of studying in the EU and the U.S.

Summary of Research
:  I will be looking at how international students make the decision on which country of study to select out of the numerous choices available in the current international higher education market. In addition, I will interview international students who might traditionally have gone to the U.S. (and did consider doing so) but have opted instead to study in an EU country, and will explore the reasons why they chose the EU versus the U.S.

Research Supervisors: Professor John Morgan and Dr. Anne Convery

Additional Information: I am from the state of Maryland which is a small state on the northeastern coast of the U.S. next to Washington, D.C. My Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are both in Psychology but my work for the last 10 years has been in the field of international education and exchange. I have primarily worked with American students and young professionals doing exchange programs all around the world, and am now interested in doing research on international students and their reasons for going or not going to the U.S. for study. I am following the New Route PhD which is a 4-year program that is a combination of modules and research.


One Response to Cheryl Rounsaville

  1. Virginia Rounsaville says:

    This must be an extremely interesting conversation with students. Good for you!


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