Presentation 5

Universities in transition: from international to a global focus

Dr Felix Maringe,
School of Education, University of Southampton

The paper argues that Jane Knight’s notion of integrating international dimensions into the tripartite mission of universities is no longer an adequate condition for universities seeking to become global institutions. Drawing from three pieces of research and from papers recently presented at the Going Global Conference in London, the paper suggests that the choice to become global universities is a bold statement of strategic intent which signals a variety of transformations aimed at positioning the university as a world leader in clearly identifiable and significant areas of human endeavour.  Such universities make bold claims as leaders of change and not just about being effective at surviving the impact of globalisation. They become involved in radical transformation across the four main Ps of university strategy. The paper explores the elements of transition from an international to a global focus, concluding that such process of transformation are not suited to all university contexts.


One Response to Presentation 5

  1. Rosario Ruiz Ortega says:

    I´m a PhD student in the University of Hidalgo in México and I´m interested in HE in Mexico specially in the development of academic networks and the use of English as a vehicle language in these networks, and I´m wondering if you could be so kind in telling me if there is somebody there who is researching something similar and could share information with me.
    Rosario Ruiz O.

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