Group Round

In this group round ‘How ‘they’ do it!’ discussion part of Seminar 2012 we looked at the following:

•If we were to propose a model of what we think is an ‘ideal’ student experience, what elements/dimensions/factors would we want to include?
•You might like to draw on how our current practices are affecting student experiences – All students, macro as well as micro influences.
The group came up with very interesting ideas. Please feel free to add your comments on the above on this page.

One Response to Group Round

  1. joy says:

    Some comments from my group, please add or change if I missed anything! and by all means, add any thoughts or comments:

    Define ideal? And to whom?
    Aspects of the experience:
    Academic: within the HEI interaction with tutors and student
    Social: outside HEI interaction with other ppl, neighbours etc.

    What is needed:
    Freedom during study to ‘enjoy’ themselves
    Provide a safe, open, flexible environment to enjoy themselves: e.g. on an academic prog: they need to know they are able to contribute

    Things to change
    Get rid of modular assessment! – pressure anti-learning
    Create a link between modules/areas
    Staff work load/variety – staff also need thinking time
    A more enhanced communication between uni structure units : to deal with the gap between top and bottom in a hierarchical structure
    Employability issues
    More research into the area

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