Summaries 2012

Summaries of the presentations are provided in the links below and also under ‘Pages’. You will have the chance to leave comments for each of the summaries.

Presentation 1
Internationalisation and the student experience: policy or pragmatism?

Dr Christine Humfrey

Presentation 2
Internationalising the student experience: between design and reality
Dr Joanna Al-Youssef

Presentation 3
Reflexivity and Recognition
Dr Alex Ding

Group Round

Presentation 4 
Expectations Confronted: First Encounters with British University Life
Mrs Renata Seredynska-Abou Eid

Presentation 5
Intercultural Experiences of Pharmacy Students
Mrs Stephanie Bridges

Presentation 6
The experience of UNNC students in the Department of History, UN. Making links across campuses
Dr Carole Mallia

Presentation 7
The Impact of Study Abroad on the Student Self
Dr Qing Gu


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