Presentation 2

Internationalising the student experience: between design and reality
Dr Joanna Al-Youssef
CELE, School of Education, University of Nottingham

In this presentation, I will draw on findings of a case study in a UK HEI exploring middle and senior management perceptions of internationalisation revealing a multiplicity of interpretations, and the implications of these views for the group labelled ‘international students’. I will also draw on Pine and Gilmore’s (1999) framework of the four realms of experience to position some of the views reported in the study in relation to institutional practices and values. The views are indicative of an institutional culture governed by the discourse of ‘us’ and ‘them’, thus strengthening the concept of the Cultural Other (Sanderson, 2004), and therefore widening the gap between the cultural groups and preventing internationalisation from going beyond practices and agendas into a deeper personal more sustainable level, and this has implications for the experience of members of HEIs. Drawing on the research findings and the experience framework mentioned above, I will be examining and questioning the nature and the effectiveness of the efforts made by HEIs in order to enhance the international student experience.


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