Dr. Caroline Burns

Dr. Caroline Burns (B.A. Hons Spanish with French, P.G.C.E., MA Applied Linguistics) Lecturer of Spanish and English for Academic Purposes at Northumbria University since 2002.

I have recently completed my doctoral thesis, which is a narrative inquiry into the undergraduate home student experience of internationalisation, entitled ‘Developing a sense of self-in-the-world: staff and student narratives from a post-1992 university in the North of England’. Professor Sue Robson of Newcastle University was my lead supervisor. My concern with moving towards a sustainable model of internationalisation, which values inclusion, diversity and equality, in line with ‘internationalisation at home’, and ‘internationalisation of the curriculum’ motivated me to undertake the study. My study focuses on the personal transitions of individuals, which are small scale but necessary in creating a more inclusive culture. It asks if and how home students develop a sense of self-in-the-world (Killick, 2013) ‘at home’, and highlights the reciprocal relationship between staff and student development, and the role of dialogue.


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