Dr Gavin Sanderson

Gavin’s 2006 PhD thesis was titled ‘Examination of a Profile of the Ideal Lecturer for Teaching International Students’ and was the outcome of testing an educational model from The Netherlands which outlined knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by lecturers working in the ‘international classroom’ in higher education (HE). Gavin began work at University of South Australia in 2006 and published on a range of international education topics and led two national transnational education projects. He believes that a deeper consideration of internationalisation in HE was a priority for Australian universities from the late 1990s, but from about 2010 other ‘whole-of-university projects’ such as ‘Student Retention’, ‘Work-Integrated Learning’ and ‘Online learning’ began competing for scarce resources. While there was a ‘general uplift’ across the sector (e.g. internationalisation of curriculum), engagement with deeper interpretations (e.g. development of cultural competencies), is now confined to pockets of practice and in the exhortations of theorists.


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